Beyond Methane RVA is a volunteer community led campaign that focuses on Richmond Gas Works, our municipal gas utility. Our work seeks to broaden public awareness of the health, safety, and economic risks of Richmond Gas Works. Beyond Methane RVA consists of environmental groups and individuals alike.

We are entirely a volunteer-run organization. With our collective efforts we hope to expedite an affordable clean energy expansion and the phase-out of the pollution from fossil fuels like natural gas. We believe that transitioning Richmond’s gas utility towards clean energy sources is the only financially viable and environmentally sound solution to Richmond’s methane problem.

Our leak mapping project was made possible with a generous grant from the Sierra Club, which we used to purchase the methane sensors that we use in the field. The University of Richmond’s Geospatial Analysis Lab was pivotal in helping us map our work.

Get Involved

Beyond Methane RVA is a group of volunteers passionate about the health of our environment and Richmond City. Interested in getting involved? Email us and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.